Poetry Time at Goethe Abansoro Resumes with A'bena and Nana Yaa Asante-Darko

Poetry Time at Goethe Abansoro Resumes with A'bena and Nana Yaa Asante-Darko

The April winds are magical, And thrill our tuneful frames; The garden-walks are passional, To bachelors and dames. ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

April is here and brings with it a poetic wind. The first Poetry Time at Goethe Abansoro for the year comes off this month, on Wednesday the 13th, at 7 PM GMT. All bachelors, dames and lovers of poetry are invited to join us at the Goethe-Institut in Cantonments, Accra.

We're bringing together practiced poets for a thrilling evening of themed poetry reading and discussion that will seek to explore the poets; thoughts about their works.

A'bena is a Benino-Ghanaian poet based in Accra. Her work is centred around women and girls' rights Advocacy. She has been published in the third issue of the CGW Series and is better known for her poetry performances. She is also a writer and believes in the power of the literary arts to propel social change.

Nana Yaa Asante-Darko is a writer of poetry and fiction. Her work has appeared in various print and online magazines over the years. In addition to literature, she spends her time working as a sustainability financial analyst with a focus on climate risk.

Agana-Nsiire Agana is a Ghanaian writer and academic currently based in Scotland, where he is pursuing a PhD in Divinity at the University of Edinburgh. Agana has published poetry and short stories locally and internationally, and is currently working on his first novel. Agana draws on an eclectic educational background spanning zoology, software, business, theology, philosophy, and history to explore themes of humanity, spirituality, and meaning in the world. His most recent work appears in Resilience, a literary collection by the Writers Project of Ghana.

Join us in person or online to enjoy the pieces and add your views to the discussion. We look forward to spending the time with you in whichever way you're available.

Details below:

Venue: Goethe-Institut, 30 Kakramadu Road, East Cantonments, Accra.

Date: Wednesday 13th April, 2022

Time: 7:00 PM

Online: IG (@writersPG) / FB (Writers Project of Ghana) / Youtube (@WPGTV)

Zoom: Meeting ID: 839 2744 4989 Passcode: 339444